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The PRIDES in Digital Transformation

Life in IT has never been easy but the set of challenges that we face today are very different than the set of challenges of five or ten or twenty years ago.  Today the need for interoperability, interdependence, openness, and accessibility of our applications and data across all our value chains has provided those of us in IT Management with perhaps our most daunting set of challenges.

Clearly the Data Center paradigm has shifted and the adoption of Cloud Computing and the business imperative to succeed at Digital Transformation has made us all look for ways to bridge the gap between our legacy infrastructure and new on-demand platforms that need to serve internal and external constituents. 

For the next few days I am going to be writing about the PRIDES of Digital Transformation.  PRIDES is an acronym for the specific potential pain points that need to be resolved for a successful Digital Transformation.

P – is Protection.  As your critical and sensitive data will exist across a hybrid platform – you still need to be able to protect it and recover it.

R – is for Resources.  As you move to new technologies and new computing models – you will need to manage your manpower to solve for today’s support issues and tomorrow’s resource needs.

I – is for Identity.  As you adopt and implement new computing platforms inside and outside your firewall – you will need to have a consistent and managed identity governance model. 

D – is for Data. As you adopt a hybrid model with data in SaaS and IaaS and potentially PaaS platforms (along with your Data Center) the chance that some of your key data will be siloed in one form or inconsistently replicated across more than one form is virtually guaranteed.  You will need to keep your key data synchronized and managed across all platforms.

E – is for Experience.  You will be in a new world where employees, partners, clients, and even consumers will be using your systems.  The ability to be aware of their experience and optimize their experiences will be fundamentally important to your business’ success.

S – is for Security.  The Security Technology Fabric that you have in place today is likely not able to extend to adequately protect your new Digital Enterprise.  The ability to seamlessly extend a solid set of security policies and an enterprise security framework across all platforms is necessary for your organization’s security posture.

In the next week I will be reviewing each one of these potential pain points and ideas for preventing the pain.

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