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Solutions-II hosted a Client Advisory Board Meeting this past week.  During the two-day event we were able to discuss The Solutions-II Adaptable Data Center® and the underlying foundational elements that need to be in place to help reach a success scenario for an enterprise.  We collaborated on developing a ‘Framework’ that would guide the organizational mandate for change that IT Executives are currently dealing with.

Most organizations need to pay down their Technical Debt in order to achieve the new objectives that are part of Digital Transformation and next-generation Enterprise Information Technology.  Many IT Leaders are faced with a resource imbalance between meeting performance levels with today’s IT Services versus investing properly to reach tomorrow’s goals.

One of the key outcomes of our work sessions last week in our Client Advisory Board was that companies need to sharpen their strategic focus on the future with guiding principles.  These guiding principles serve as the strategic focus for moving an IT organization successfully from today’s operating model to new IT Capabilities.

We held a work-session with our group of IT Executives in which we identified and ranked the guiding principles of our Adaptable Data Center® to apply to a ‘Framework for Change’ in Enterprise IT Capabilities.  We had the group rank each of the eight guidelines shown below in importance to their organization, with 1 being the highest priority.  The number next to each Strategic Guideline below is the average of the ranking among the group members.  The lower the average number – the higher in importance it is to the group members.


  • Modernize and Automate (1.8)
  • Control Spending (3.1)
  • Future Proof Investments (3.6)
  • Remove Complexity (3.7)
  • Deal with Data and Speed for Business Insights (4.4)
  • Proactive Cloud Strategy (5.4)
  • Deliver “as a Service” (6.0)
  • Extend to the Edge (6.4)

This Client Advisory Board was focused on one industry vertical.  How do these priorities apply to your company and industry?

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