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Bay Area Trends – Blog Contribution from Michelle Delbo, Director of Staffing Services at Blackstone Technology Group in San Francisco.  Michelle is a regular at our East Bay CIO Roundtable Meetings and offers many years of perspective with her insights into current staffing and IT Resource Trends.

My name is Michelle Delbo and I am the Staffing Services Sales Director in the San Francisco office of Blackstone Technology Group. I have been in the staffing industry for over 20 years, with 18 of those working at Blackstone to deliver a wide variety of talented business and information technology resources to companies across the greater bay area

During my career, my team and I have helped Silicon Valley clients navigate the evolving trends in the marketplace. This has helped them stay relevant while getting the talent they want and need to move their businesses forward.

Coming into 2018 here are some of the trends my team is witnessing, from both a technology and hiring perspective.   Here they are:

Technology Trends

Devops/CI – Enabling higher quality software delivery, that keeps up with business’ expectations, with a lower time to market

Operational/IT Support roles – The most commonly requested positions amongst all industries as companies look to strengthen their internal operations and Desktop support teams.

Front End UI/UX – Modernizing information systems to be able to adapt to the deluge of different devices now accessing them.

Data Scientists – Now that we’re collecting big data, a new skillset has emerged in the market that helps make business sense of the data being collected:   the data scientist.

Cyber Security – As the world is going digital, so has the potential threats to your business that needs to be safeguarded against.

Hiring Trends

Benefits/Perks – In order to compete, candidates are looking at the entire package. What does your business offer to remain attractive?

Building internal staffing vs using a staffing agency – every company is faced with the decision of how to best hire talent.  The best route for you depends on a number of factors.

Sponsorship – Being open to sponsoring foreign nationals can greatly widen the available talent pool.  But are you current on the latest laws and requirements?

Today’s resourcing options – Full time, contract, or contract to full time:  each hiring option has its strengths and weaknesses.  How to determine which path is best.


Expect more in depth articles to follow on select trends above.   More to follow, and thanks for reading.

-Michelle Delbo

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