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Linkedin compared the skills profiles of their San Francisco Bay Area members (in May) to the job postings for San Francisco Bay Area employment (in May) to compare “Supply and Demand”. The Supply is the skills that exist among member profiles and the Demand is the skills sought after in current job postings.

Here are their top ten “Most Abundant” skills which means that the number of people in the Bay Area with these skills exceeds the employer demand for the skills (currently).

May 2018 – Most Abundant Skills in San Francisco Bay Area

1. Perl/Python/Ruby
2. Cloud and Distributed Computing
3. Integrated Circuit Design
4. Mobile Development
5. C/C++
6. Other Software Development Skills
7. Scripting Languages
8. Java Development
9. Algorithm
10. Software User Testing

And here are the top ten skills where the demand for the skills (based upon skills required in current job postings) exceeds the supply (the number of people with these skills).

May 2018 – Most Scarce Skills in San Francisco Bay Area

1. Healthcare Management
2. Sales
3. Education and Teaching
4. Purchasing and Contract Negotiation
5. Retail Store Operations
6. Microsoft Windows Systems
7. Marketing Event Management
8. IT Infrastructure and System Management
9. Other HR
10. General Finance

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